Verge Watchcocks & Bridges
by Cramer & Sternfeld

Eli Terry Pillar &
Scroll Shelf Clocks
by Lockwood Barr

Hour Glasses
by Joseph Sternfeld

Dueber-Hampden Story
by James W. Gibbs

No. 1
E. Howard

No. 2
Daniel Pratt Jr.

No. 3
Eli Terry

No. 4
Elmer Ellsworth Dungan

No. 5
Clockmakers of
Concord, MA

No. 6

Heman Clark by Bailey & Blackwell
No. 13
(Currently not available online.)

American Watchmaking
by Michael C. Harrold
No. 14
(Currently not
available online.)

Rags to Riches to Rags: Chauncey Jerome
by Chris Bailey
No. 15
(Currently not available online.)

Aaron Dodd Crane
by Frederick Shelley
No. 16
(Currently not available online.)

Clockmakers & Clockmaking in Southern Maine
by Joseph
R. Katra Jr.
No. 17
(Currently not available online.)

Greek Revival on American Clock Case Design
by Lee H. Davis
No. 18
(Currently not available online.)

Eight-Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks
by Rogers and Taylor
No. 19
(Currently not available online.)
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