NAWCC Bulletin No. 154: October 1971

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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1367 – The Terry Patent Clock Pre-standard Production by W. F. Pritchett
1415 – The Clockmaking North Brothers, Norris and Ethel by Chris H. Bailey
1424 – An Eli Terry Torsion-Spring Alarm Movement by Ward Francillon
1435 – Revitalizing an Old Case by Helen M. Hankins
1472 – Joseph Barborka, Iowa Clockmaker by Floyd E. Robinson
1397 – I Didn’t Know That! by Edward N. Doan
1405 – Rack Hook Replacement by David E. Heilpern
1420 – Doing It The Osborne Way by Albert H. Osborne
1428 – A Louder Tic-Tac for the Hard-of-Hearing by Luc Secretan
1404 – Dates To Remember
1429 – Collectors vs. Hoarders by Orville R. Hagans
1430 – Library Committee Pages
1438 – Answer Box
1446 – Vox Temporis
1452 – New Members
1471 – Program Material
1474 – “Shaw Says”
1476 – Convention Promotion
1477 – Chapter Activities

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