NAWCC Bulletin No. 160: October 1972

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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682 – Identification and History of Wood Movements in Tall Clocks, Paper II by Shepard Roberts
708 – The Seven-Foot Pendulum by Louis Auerbach
651 – Railroad Watches and Time Service by Lawrence W. Treiman
675 – Call for Nominations
676 – Horology in “Lincoln Country” by Robert F. Tschudy assisted by James W. Gibbs
695 – Clockmaking in Bristol, Conn.—1871 by Kenneth D. Roberts
729 – 1973 Convention Promotion
730 – Answer Box
748 – Statement of Ownership
749 – NAWCC by Daly DuGetty and Attley Y. Gudd
750 – Pounds and Pounds of Howards by James and David Roberts
753 – Dates To Remember
757 – A Horologist’s Holiday in Australasia by Henry B. Fried
761 – Necrology
762 – New Members (Explanation for Discontinuance)
763 – Library Committee Pages
768 – Book Review
771 – Vox Temporis
781 – Chapter Activities
711 – Clock Escapement Layout by David E. Heilpern
754 – Doing It The Osborne Way (Dial Refinishing) (Part Two) by Albert H. Osborne

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