W&C Bulletin Editorial Calendar

We publish the Watch & Clock Bulletin six times a year with members and nonmembers submitting proposed articles and featues. The former are published after completing a peer-review process, thus not tied to strict deadlines.

Features, however, are deadline sensitive, depending on the particular one. Some features must run in every issue, while others run if content is available and when they are scheduled. Some are written by specific members, while other are open to anyone.

The Submission guidelines provide an overview of the articles and features.

This table provides the per-issue deadlines.

Issue months Deadlines
January/February November 5
March/April January 5
May/June March 5
July/August May 5
September/October July 5
November/December September 5








Association content, such as donor lists, award recipients, contest winners, and annual reports, are published.

This table indicates when these submissions are printed.

Issue months Submission
January/February Candidate biographies for election (odd years); call for nominations for appointed positions (even years)
March/April Awards and recognition
May/June Annual membership call to meeting announcement; call for nominations for elected positions (even years)
July/August Donor list
State of the Association
Statement of ownership; National Craft Competition winners


































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