HOROLOGY - THE INDEX is back, and is better than ever before!


During the first public surge of interest in the internet in the mid-1990's, Fortunat Mueller-Maerki, a longtime member of the NAWCC, created Horology - The Index at www.horology.org as part of the WWW-Virtual Library; probably the most comprehensive, hierarchical, not-for-profit collection of virtual information resource links in existence at that time. That index page and its subsidiary pages attempted to provide a comprehensive index of active links and cross-links to as much horological information on the WWW as could then be found.

Horology - The Index remained an important part of the virtual horological landscape as new links were added and the project grew. In 1999, the website ceased being updated as numerous search resources and bot-generated link lists began to replace human-generated content throughout the internet.

Fortunat Mueller-Maerki has generously allowed the NAWCC to restore Horology - The Index to its former glory, as well as expanding and further developing the beloved resource for the good of internet users and horologists everywhere.

In 2005, Ted Orban developed The Horology Source to provide to the global horological community an expanded and updated resource of horology links. Over the years, The Horology Source grew to encompass more than 5,700 active links.

The NAWCC Internet Advisory Committee in 2009 spearheaded the process to implement Horology - The Index in the NAWCC space. Ted Orban agreed to design the site and infrastructure, transfer the content from The Horology Source, and maintain the site going forward.

Now, the new Horology - The Index at NAWCC combines the best of these two great horological resources.

You can find it linked from Horology Central, or click here to visit:














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