NAWCC Bulletin No. 13: September 1946

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents
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1 – The Resignation of Our Secretary and Treasurer
1 – The Newest Deal
1 – The President’s Column
2 – Editor’s Column
3 – Jokes, Anecdotes and Pleasantries
4 – Mystery Clock by Robert Franks Jr.
4 – Preliminary Report on the Listing of American Clock and Watch Makers
by Brooks Palmer
5 – On the Trail of Father Time by Charles R. Brewer
6 – C. W. O. Ira W. Leonard
7 – The Mitchell Inn
8 – Early Philadelphia Watchmakers by Oscar A. Ritter
10 – Reproductions by Willis I. Milham
12 – Clock, Clock, Who Has the Clock by David C. Hill
15 – The MART

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