NAWCC Bulletin No. 113: December 1964

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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570 – The A. E. Pollhans Clock Company by Robert F. Tschudy
582 – My Best Buy! by Herbert J. Hicks
555 – An Incredible Reunion! by Wesley R. Hauptman
576 – Benjamin Meek Continued, Ayres Discovered by James W. Gibbs
554 – The President’s Message
564 – Horological Notes from Istanbul by Paul R. de Magnin
579 – “The BULLETIN” by Franklin Moore
584 – 1965 Convention Program and Promotion
590 – Vox Temporis
595 – Answer Box
604 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
613 – Library Committee Page
615 – How To Do It! A Grip-Block, Dual Purpose Gauge, and Diameter-Scale Described. Spring Steel and Graphite. What Kind of Glue?
616 – New Members
620 – Book Review
621 – Chapter Activities

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