NAWCC Bulletin No. 143: December 1969

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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2 – English Lantern Clocks and Their Conversion by Basil Brewer
20 – An Adjustable Tall Case Clock by Dr. George E. Moore
24 – Silas B. Terry—Again? by F. H. McMillan
31 – A Clock Is Not Just a Clock by Louis Auerbach
14 – Watch Holders by R. O. Hill
28 – A History of the American Watchcase—Part 3 by Warren H. Niebling
17 – Emancipating a Slave Clock by E. A. Hanff
26 – How to Identify Clocks by Their Movement Characteristics by J. R. Balt
10 – Will the Real Henry G. Abbott Please Stand Up? by William Muir
22 – 8:18—7:55—10:56 by Albert H. Osborne
36 – Convention Promotion
38 – Commander Miller’s “Baby” by N. Chris Hansen
39 – Answer Box
40 – New Members
55 – Vox Temporis
61 – Book Review
63 – Library Committee Pages
67 – Chapter Activities

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