NAWCC Bulletin No. 277: April 1992

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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131 – The Care and Use of the Graver by W. R. Smith
142 – Guide for Restoration of Self-Winding Clock Style “F” by Marybess H. Grisham
154 – The Almost Lost Art of Breguet Part II by Peyton Autry
162 – The Story of John Harrison and the Beginning of Precision Timekeeping by William T. Vale
167 – The Washington Watch Company of Washington, D.C. by Bernard G. Kraus
170 – A Rare Gothic Clock by Joseph Ives by Kenneth D. Roberts
173 – The Mechanics of Clockwork Gear Pairs by Edward W. Allen
and Charles K. Aked
178 – Watches of Yesteryear by W. E. Hillerich
181 – A Very Unique Collection of Clocks by Roy A. Hovey
184 – Research Activities and News
192 – The Willard House and Clock Museum
193 – Clockmaker’s Corner by John L. Stutsman
197 – Necrology
198 – 1992 NAWCC Annual Seminar by Ernest C. Martt
200 – The Rose by David Brown Sr.
203 – Executive Director’s Digest
204 – The Watch and Clock Museum of the NAWCC
206 – Library News
208 – NAWCC Program Committee
211 – The Answer Box
218 – Book Review
219 – Timely Voices
224 – Chapter Highlights
254 – Chapter Officers
256 – National Officers and Staff
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