NAWCC Bulletin No. 289: April 1994

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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131 – George M. Stevens & Company Tower Clocks by Frederick Shelley
151 – Notes on O. B. McClintock Clocks by Jim West
166 – A Complicated Watch from the English Firm of John Barwise by Craig O. Risch
175 – Bench Guide to Barrel Springs by L. Raymond Wood and Harrison B. Wood Jr.
179 – Charles Barbezat-Baillot: Founder of Le Phare and Machines Dixi
by William G. Kapp
186 – Atomic Clocks and Their Applications by Norman F. Ramsey
190 – Of Time and Clocks and an Old Man by H. R. Bratton
195 – A Cage for a Sandglass by Raymond S. Rio
199 – Of Ticks and Tocks, Bits and Bytes by Daniel J. Stein
201 – Timing Races by J. R. Sanchez and J. M. Kinabrew Jr.
204 – Topkapi’s Turkish Timepieces by James Horgen
208 – Timely Voices
218 – NAWCC Museum and Library
221 – The Willard House and Clock Museum
223 – Research Activities and News
231 – Executive Director’s Digest
231 – Book Reviews
234 – NAWCC Program Committee
237 – Necrology
238 – The Answer Box
243 – Chapter Highlights
270 – Chapter Officers
272 – National Officers and Staff
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