NAWCC Bulletin No. 298: October 1995

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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579 – Martin Shreiner: From Clocks to Fire Engines by Stacy B. C. Wood Jr.
590 – What Is a Railroad Watch? A Case Study of Watches and Watch Inspection on the Burlington Route during 1889 and 1890 by Greg Frauenhoff
595 – Repairing a Mainspring Barrel (How I Do It) by Doug Sinclair
599 – The Elgin 571 by E. Ueberall and K. Singer
606 – A 16S Waltham Riverside Maximus Winding Indicator Movement with Some Interesting Anomalies by Selman A. Berger
608 – The Ringed Winding Holes of English Bracket Clocks by C. Stuart Kelley
611 – An Early Pendant Alarm-Set French Watch by Theodore R. Crom
614 – Suggested Procedure for Replacing Calendar Clock Date Ribbon by Bob Reichel
617 – Correcting Watch Case Bow & Pendant Wear by W. R. Smith
621 – George L. Skinner? by Carl Herriman
624 – Charles Bullard, Ornamental Painter of Boston by Eleanor H. Gustafson
626 – The Efficacy of Vapour-Dispersed Lubricants by Dr. C. Daniel Gallery
629 – Timely Voices
641 – The Answer Box
652 – Executive Director’s Digest
654 – Research Activities and News
662 – NAWCC Museum and Library
665 – 1995 Award Recipients
670 – The Willard House and Clock Museum
673 – Book Reviews
677 – Necrology
678 – Chapter Highlights
706 – Chapter Officers
708 – State of the Association
720 – National Officers and Staff
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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