NAWCC Bulletin No. 302: June 1996

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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291 – The Great Clock of Chartres by M. Jean Moreau translated
by Lawrence Alan Seymour
309 – Making a Minute Snail and Quarter Snail Assembly for a Minute Repeater by Ron DeCorte
320 – The Pratt Family of Clockmakers by John Gaffney
324 – Unique and Historic Canadian Tower Clocks by Graham Jones
334 – Charles Geddes: London-Trained Watch Finisher, Colonial Shopkeeper, British Patriot by James West
339 – The Marine Clock Manufacturing Company, Hamden, Connecticut 1847 to 1853 by Doug Cowan and William Ultsch
347 – Material Problems in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Clocks and Watches by J. E. Rehder
353 – Horological Lubricants or How the Squeaking Wheel Eventually Got the Grease by Melvin S. Kaye
357 – Henry B. Fried—R.I.P. by Douglas Shaffer
358 – Mystery Tower Clock? by R. A. Wise
361 – Executive Director’s Digest
362 – Willard House and Clock Museum
364 – Research Activities and News
376 – Timely Voices
386 – The Answer Box
395 – The NAWCC Museum
396 – Library News
398 – A Remembrance of Henry Fried by John Nagle
399 – Necrology
400 – Book Reviews
403 – Chapter Highlights
430 – Chapter Officers
432 – National Officers and Staff
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