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If there is a public clock you would like to see added to the SpotAClock database, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with information about the clock.

Tower Clock

The Public Time Initiative
It’s Time! (For Member Participation, That Is!)

Welcome to the Public Time Initiative of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. Our overall mission is to identify and inventory all of the public clocks in America so that the information can be used by anyone for research or other purposes.

Our first phase, called SpotAClock, involves locating all the clocks for later inspection by chapter members.

(A picture of the initiative in the future, completed state)

The NAWCC maintains an up-to-date, publicly accessible inventory of all public clocks in America. It is useful to NAWCC members and the public alike for research and other purposes. Resources are available pro bono to communities to assist in the preservation, repair, and restoration of public clocks. Success stories wherein NAWCC members have assisted communities are plentiful and well-known.

Mission Statement
(The purpose of the initiative – why we are here)

Our mission is to provide methodologies, resources, and encouragement to inventory; and to preserve, repair, restore, and disseminate knowledge about America’s public clocks as a public service resulting in heightened visibility for, and a sense of satisfaction to, NAWCC, its members, and its chapters.

(Long-term qualitative and quantitative measures of where we want to be)

Create and maintain a permanent, publicly accessible database of all public clocks in America. This will include Alaska and Hawaii.

Heighten public awareness of public clocks and their history in their local communities.

Involve members and chapters actively in the location and description of public clocks, and ultimately in their restoration and repair. Provide NAWCC members with opportunities to contribute to the restoration of their communities’ public clocks. Create interesting and challenging projects for NAWCC members and chapters and provide them with community recognition.

Leverage the project to create multidimensional marketing, publicity, and fundraising opportunities.


  Street Clock

(Specific measures of what we want to accomplish by when)

Implement a pilot inventory process, gathering data from NAWCC members only, and have that program up and running by October 2004.

Develop and implement an interim process to record and make use of inspections and preservations, repairs and restorations that may occur during the pilot and roll out of the inventory process, by December 2004. Turn these into marketing opportunities.

Roll out the inventory process to the public and begin gathering data from the general public by June 2005.

Roll out an inspection program available for community use by January 2006.

Announce the availability of resources for preservation, repair, and restoration to the public by June 2006.

(The general approach or game plan that will be used)

We will use volunteers as much as possible to develop and implement all phases of the initiative. We will attempt to create an initiative that is self-funded.

We will use a three-phase approach:

Phase IA: A pilot inventory that receives clock spottings from members only.
Phase IB: The inventory is rolled out to the public and the latter spots and reports clocks.
Phase II: Qualified chapter members inspect clocks in their local areas and provide findings to be added to the inventory.
Phase III: Resources (e.g., qualified repair people from chapters, sources of parts, technical expertise) will be made available to communities where clocks need preservation, repair, and/or restoration.

We will develop and implement a communications plan early in the process. Communications tools will include: Bulletin, MART, NAWCCNews, and Tower Clock Chapter 134 newsletter. We will communicate to the public media through the NAWCC director of marketing and public relations.

We will use the museum’s PastPerfect database software in the pilot phase while determining what we need long term.

Frank Del Greco
13730 Braeburn Lane
Novelty OH 44072

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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