NAWCC Bulletin No. 363: August 2006

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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387 – Willis Michael, FNAWCC (1894-1969) and the National Heritage Museum
by Bob Frishman
391 – Nels Johnson, Michigan Clockmaker (1838-1915)
403 – Two Bulle Clocks Examined by Mel Kaye
410 – A Day at the Zoo by Pete Riegel
418 – A Dollar Watch Pictorial by Steve Berger
430 – Ephraim Niles Byram and George Milton Stevens Meet at St. George, Utah
by Donn Haven Lathrop
435 – Mechanical Marvel: Pioneer-era Clock Restored to 1850s Condition by Shaun D. Stahle
436 – The Case of the Missing Barrel by Roger and Debbie Tice
449 – Texas Courthouse Trivia—Part 2 by Jim West
463 – Escapement Reversal Prevention by Bruce J. Lenton
466 – The Henry-Lepaute Clock and Lens Work Producers of the Fresnel Lens by Thomas Tag
507 – A Short Report on the 61st NAWCC National Convention—June 2006 by Tom Borkowski
407 – Wristwatches—“Hamilton’s Magnificent Dozen” by Bruce Shawkey
411 – Practical Repair and Restoration—“Evolution of the Trade” and “Part 1: Faux Tortoiseshell Finish” by Tom Temple
442 – From the Workshop—“More Discussion on Tools” and “A Waltham 1883 Two-tone” by Doug Sinclair
454 – Book Review
455 – The Answer Box edited by Doug Cowan
459 – Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
462 – Obituaries
465 – The National Watch & Clock Museum—by Sharon Gordon
471 – Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
483 – Chapter Highlights
508 – Chapter Officers
511 – Perspective—“Curator Controls Time at the NAWCC Museum”
512 – NAWCC Staff and Committees
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