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Search Methods
Phrase Search Search for the entered phrase to be found anywhere within the Bulletin Index
Boolean Search Search for key words to all be found within the Bulletin Index: e.g. ham and eggs will find all occurrences of the phrase "ham" and the phrase "eggs" within the same record.
Words that begin with Find any words that begin with the entered phrase
Words that end with Find any words that end with the entered phrase
Search Options
Primary Entry Secondary Entry Both Search only the Primary field, only the Secondary field or both the Primary and Secondary fields.
Sort Methods
By Primary Entry then by Secondary Entry Sort by the Primary then the Secondary fields
By Volume Number, then by Issue Number, then by Page Number Sort by the Volume then by the Index then by the Page.

General Explanation of the Index

The returned information from your index search is displayed in six fields, from left to right, as shown here:

  1. Primary: the subject being referenced.
  2. Secondary: additional information concerning the entry in the primary field.
  3. Class: a one or two-letter code describing the primary entry as follows:
    • A- Author;
    • C- Clockmaker;
    • O- Other;
    • P- Personality;
    • S- Subject;
    • W- Watchmaker;
    • R- Book Review;
    • X- only slight mention is made.
  4. Bulletin Volume Number (per year).
  5. Bulletin Whole Number (continuous).
  6. Page Number.

The chart below indicates the decade of publication for a range of volume
or whole numbers for the Bulletin.

DecadeVolume No. RangeWhole No. Range
2000 42-51 324-393
1990 22-31 264-323
1980 22-31 204-263
1970 14-21 144-203
1960 9-13 84-143
1950 4-8 32-83
1940 1-4 1-31




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