NAWCC Bulletin No. 147: August 1970

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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386 – Some Notes Concerning Reverse Painting on Glass by Lee H. Davis
429 – Additional Comments on Labels Used by Seth Thomas by Joel J. Einhorn
438 – Suggestions To Aid “New” Clock Collectors by W. L. Wadleigh Jr.
434 – American Watch Sizes by A. E. Mathews
451 – An Old Timer Talks to Himself by David R. Schwartz
396 – Meetings and Reports, 1970 Convention
410 – Chaplain Davis’s Washington Report (Cartoons)
420 – The Three R’s of Membership in NAWCC by E. Eugene Partain
423 – Talking Time by Evers Hushman
432 – What’s a Collector? by Theodore R. Crom
447 – Addenda to the Henry G. Abbott Story by William Muir
449 – Horology—Friendly Servant or Deadly Master by James W. Gibbs
455 – List of Program Material
456 – Clocks, Antiquity and Snobbism by George E. Herman
458 – Vox Temporis
469 – Answer Box
492 – Book Review
498 – Library Committee Pages
503 – New Members
531 – Chapter Activities
445 – A Note on Pendulum Temperature Compensation by L. M. Leeds
488 – Doing It The Osborne Way

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