NAWCC Bulletin No. 177: August 1975

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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267 – The Life and Times of Eli Terry Jr., Clockmaker by Howard G. Sloane
302 – Georgia-Made Clocks (Part I) by G. Robert Coatney and Robert G. Scholtens
317 – The Self-Winding Clock by M. W. Bartels
318 – The Chester Clock by Rev. Edward C. Morgan
324 – Clockwinding, Today and Yesterday by Charles K. Aked
262 – A Note Concerning the Establishment of Railroad Watch Inspection in America by Thomas L. De Fazio
298 – American Watch Sizes by W. L. Pritchard
259 – Historic Gilbert Clock Buildings Destroyed in Spectacular Blaze republished from the “Winsted Evening Citizen”
297 – A Note on Invar by Guy D. Aydlett
331 – Vox Temporis
337 – Book Review
338 – Antiquarian Horological Society by Charles K. Aked
347 – Research Committee Activities and News
348 – Jesse E. Coleman Memorial
350 – Proposed NAWCC By-Law Amendments
354 – Members Honored at Cleveland
354 – New Additions to the NAWCC Lending Library
355 – Referendum on Museum Building Construction
356 – Answer Box
363 – Your NAWCC Museum
364 – Necrology
365 – Dates To Remember
366 – An Open Letter to Vice President Cooperman, or, We Missed You at Cleveland in ’75! by J. J. Singer
373 – Chapter Activities
414 – Chapter Officers

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