2012 NAWCC Ward Francillion Time Symposium
Carriage Clocks
October 11-13, 2012

This Symposium will include an exhibit of rare carriage clock showpieces as well as representative examples of various case styles and finishes. Champleve and guilloche enameling and various gilded finishes will be displayed. There will be clocks with fine Limoges enamel panels and clocks with Sevres-style porcelain panels signed by well-known artists. Also on display will be many superbly engraved clocks.

Well-known makers on display include Dent, Frodsham, McCabe, Drocourt, Jacot, Margaine, Richard, Japy, Garnier.

The location of this Symposium is near the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. This is the largest shopping mall in the country with over 500 stores, 50 restaurants, and an amusement park. There are also many other attractions in the area.

Download and print the 2012 Symposium registration form and
Speakers and Lectures list.

NAWCC Members can click HERE to register for the event online.
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Scheduled Speakers and Topics

James Arthur Lecture: John Hubby

Doug Cowan: "Traveling Clocks Before the 19th Century"
Doug will present 300 years of portable timekeeping up to what is considered by many to be the advent of the "carriage clock" by Abraham Louis Breguet.

David Penney: "The English Carriage Clock as recorded by Charles Allix: an updated review"
David will include new material from the planned, but never published, second edition of Carriage Clocks by Charles Allix.

David Grace: French Carriage Clocks

Peter Fritsch:"Viennese Travelling clocks in the Austria-Hungarian Empire"
Peter will present the history, development, nuances, and variety of special portable travel clocks seldom encountered by collectors and horologists in the America.

Ken Hogwood: "American Carriage Clocks--Trash or Treasure?"
Ken will explore many of the production carriage clock makers in America with emphasis on the seven clock companies formed by Joseph H. Eastman that produced carriage clocks of high quality.

Philip Poniz:"Breguet Carriage Clocks"

John Kirk:"Carriage Clock Escapements" 

For more information contact Bill Weast
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