NAWCC Bulletin No. 161: December 1972

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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803 – Notes on “Torrington” Clocks by Chris H. Bailey
852 – The Great White Fleet Clock by Andrew Hayes Miller
878 – “Hand Made Clock-Things” by Guy D. Aydlett
885 – An Early 30-Hour Brass Movement Clock, Probably by C. & N. Jerome by Samuel W. Jennings
890 – The “Burn Mark Mystery” by Harold McMahon
834 – “Montres de Souscription” (Subscription Watches) Made by Breguet and Others by Adolphe Chapiro
843 – A History of Reverse Painting on Glass by Mrs. G. E. Vandevort
848 – The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company of Berlin-Kitchener, Ontario
by Paul Lavoie
851 – Errata: Concerning “Railroad Watches and Time Service” (October 1972 BULLETIN)
855, 888, and 889 – 1973 Convention Promotion
856 – NAWCC Horological Museum? Yes! by Tyga T. Dudley
876 – Program Material
883 – “Climbing Horology’s Mount Everest” by Stanley A. Good
887 – List of Back Issues of the BULLETIN Available
891 – Book Review
894 – Answer Box
912 – Vox Temporis
929 – Dates To Remember
930 – Chapter Activities
948 – Necrology
858 – Main Wheel Click: Design and Replacement by David E. Heilpern
922 – Doing It The Osborne Way (Dial Refinishing) (Part Three) by Albert H. Osborne

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