NAWCC Bulletin No. 193: April 1978

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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99 – John C. Briggs and Rotary Pendulum Clocks by Charles Terwilliger
124 – A Marriage of the Arts, Charles Clay, Clockmaker submitted by James W. Gibbs
131 – Philadelphia Watch Company, 1868-1886, Eugene Paulus, President, Adolph C. Raefle, Treasurer by Warren H. Niebling
136 – Some Further Notes on Chauncey Jerome, Austin, Illinois by Samuel W. Jennings
139 – A William Home Finds a Home by Peyton Autry
143 – An Important Clock by Joseph Ives and an Interesting One by S. B. Terry by Thomas Grimshaw
156 – An Unusual Iron Front by Glenn and Dorothy Marsh
142 – Convention Promotion
160 – The NAWCC Museum
169 – Building Fund Tops $100,000
170 – Making Your NAWCC Lending Library Work for You
170 – Additions to the NAWCC Lending Library
172 – Recent Donations to the Museum
172 – National Convention Data
173 – Use NAWCC’s Slide-Tape Programs to Build Chapter Membership
174 – Research Activities and News
175 – Book Review
177 – Vox Temporis
187 – Answer Box
194 – Dates To Remember
195 – Chapter Activities
220 – Chapter Officers

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