Cryptogram Submission Form

A cryptogram is published in every issue of the MART & Highlights, together with the names of members who successfully completed the cryptogram featured in the previous issue. The current cryptogram is provided here for the convenience of NAWCC members, who may choose to print out the PDF file for use in solving the puzzle. Please click on the image of the cryptogram below to download the PDF file.

See Cryptogram Solution Archive

Current Mart & Highlights Cryptogram (September/October 2017):

397 2017 Cryptogram

Current Mart & Highlights Cryptogram (July/August 2017):

396 2017 Cryptogram

Mart & Highlights Cryptogram (May/June 2017):

395 Cryptogram


Mart & Highlights Cryptogram (Mar./Apr. 2017):

394 Cryptogram 

Mart & Highlights Cryptogram (Jan./Feb. 2017):

Jan Feb Mart 393 2017 Cryptogram














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