Audemars Serial Numbers

The Lost Ledgers and Serial Numbers for Watches
Made or Sold by Louis Audemars & Co.

Louis Audemars & Co. was established in 1811 and continued until 1885.  During the 1940's Blitz in London the offices were bombed and the 19th century archives were thought to have been lost. Recently however, some books were found with details of watches and movements made and sold by Louis Audemars & Co. from the early 1840's to 1885.

These books enable the identification of watches and movements made and/or sold by Louis Audemars & Co. during that time period even when finished under a different name.

Below is a summary of the books and their content as well as a listing showing more than 5500 serial numbers.

NAWCC Members who might have one of these watches are invited to search for their serial number. If the number is located in the listing the company is happy to provide (free of charge by e-mail) information and descriptions as available. If hard copies of ledger entries, authentications and provenances are required, there will be charge.

The following services are chargeable:

  • Formal confirmation / authentication of individual product number
  • Full size (Ca 30cm x 46cm) digital copy of individual page from Ledger No. 2
  • Digital copy of individual line entry or entries from Ledgers 1,3,4,5,6, or 7.
  • Copy of entry in Louis Audemars-Valette's list of notable watches.

Formal quotations for certifications and for hard copies of individual records will be sent on request.

 Audemars Lost Ledgers, Customers, and Examples of serial number information and ledger page entries.

 Audemers Serial Numbers 

eMail your serial number(s) and requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be advised that, with some exceptions, any of the serial numbers might have been finished anywhere in Europe or America (or further afield) under a brand name other than Audemars. This is especially true of the 6-digit numbers at the end of the table which were watches sourced from other factories by Audemars' London depot and finished there for re-sale to retailers, probably in many cases with the retailers' names on the dials. 













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