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Education is the heart of our mission.

The NAWCC is the clearinghouse for sharing horological knowledge and skills. Classes and workshops tell the fascinating stories of horology, cover various watch and clock topics, and preserve the knowledge of horological craftsmanship.  Workshops are opportunities to learn about and care for your timepiece. Through hands-on learning, these workshops and classes can build your confidence, knowledge, and skills in watch and clock repair and maintenance. Whether it is the technology of timekeeping or the nature and meaning of time itself, our educational programs expand horizons and provide answers.

The NAWCC‘s goal is to educate not only the professional but to reach out to the student and amateur horologist and to help expand their knowledge. While learning is its own reward, it also provides opportunities for building lasting friendships.

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“The Cazenovia School of Town Clock Makers”

Sunday February 10, 2019
7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Given by Russ Oeschsle




During the period 1820-1875, the small community of Cazenovia, NY was the home to a unique series of town (tower) clock makers. Each of the seven identified Cazenovia makers and firms can trace their existence to the progenitor Jehiel Clark. Clark was the oldest of 11 sons in a family of twelve children including well-known Connecticut clock making brothers Heman, Sylvester and Virtue Clark.

Jehiel moved from Connecticut to the Cazenovia area in 1808 and operated as a jeweler, silversmith, goldsmith and, by 1820, town clock maker. The business he operated until 1847 spawned similar firms, including those of his son Jehiel Clark, Jr.; Clark (Jehiel, Jr.) and Blanchard; Austin Van Riper; John S. Shapely; Stone & Marshall, and Stone, Marshall & Card.

This program will review the history, production and design of these makers and their clocks and document both extant examples and locations where original Cazenovia tower clocks have been lost.

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