See our Lending Guidelines for information about borrowing books from the library. 

New Books

  • Classics of the Forbidden City: Timepieces in the Collection of the Palace Museum
  • Rolex Wristwatches: an Unauthorized History by James M. Dowling
  • A. L. Breguet: Watchmaker to Kings by Thomas Engel
  • Could it have been Wren? by Larry Fabian
  • Grand Complications XII
  • Time: Life's Most Important Element by Fred G. Gruen
  • Our Tall Friends and the Stories They Tell by Judith and John Herdeg
  • Art Deco: Living with the Art Deco Style by Judith Miller
  • Hamilton Wristwatches: A Reference Guide by Bruce Shawkey
  • The Book of Clocks by Keith S. Sutton
  • The How and Why of Mechanical Movements by Harry Walton
  • Watches International 17

New Videos

  • 19th Century Clockmaking: Craft to Mass Production by Andrew Dervan
  • A School of Watchmakers: Henry Playtner and the Canadian Horological Institute by Gary Fox
  • Astronomical Time: Where John Harrison Meets Rube Goldberg by Mark Frank
  • How the Dollar Watch Defeated the Mighty Public Clock by Pat Holloway
  • Servicing the Atmos Clock by Gerald Jaeger
  • Some Opinions Regarding Influences on Southern Clockmaking Coming from Pennsylvania and Beyond by Edward F. LaFond
  • Using 21st Century Technology to Preserve 20th Century Time Pieces by Robert Pritzker
  • Pennsylvania Shelf & Bracket Clocks 1750-1850 by Will LaFond
  • Exhibit of Pennsylvania Shelf & Bracket Clocks 1750-1850 by Will LaFond
  • Personal Time: Watches Made for the Individual by Tom McIntyre
  • American Street Clocks Exhibit by Russ Oechsle
  • The Cazenovia School of Town Clock Makers by Russ Oechsle
  • John L. Wheeler: The Last Independent Clockmaker in New York State by Russ Oechsle


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