New Books and Videos


See our Lending Guidelines for information about borrowing books from the library. 

New Books

  • The Watch Book: Rolex by Gisbert L. Brunner
  • Watch & Clock Yearbook 1962 by Eric Bruton
  • Samsung Gear S2 for Dummies by Eric Butow
  • Time and a Lifetime: a Novel about One of Switzerland's Most Innovative and Creative Watchmakers by Vincent Calabrese
  • Our Wonderful Universe: an Easy Introduction to the Study of the Heavens by Clarence Augustus Chant
  • Het tijdnetwerk : een boek van het Museum van het Nederlandse Uurwerk ter gelegenheid van de gelijknamige tentoonstelling by Carel Hofland
  • Comtoise: Ironman and Survivor of the Clock World by David Holmes
  • Help Me! Guide to the Apple Watch by Charles Hughes
  • Jump Hour: Ardor Watches by Jens Kirchhoff
  • Heinrich Moser: ein Lebensbild : mit Mosers Bildniss und einem Plane der Schaffhauser gewerblichen Bauten am Rheine by Adam Pfaff
  • L'Horlogerie et l'Europe by Henri Rieben
  • Apple Watch for Dummies by Marc Saltzman
  • Sony SWR50 Smartwatch 3: an Easy Beginner's Guide by Philip Tranton

New Videos

  • 19th Century American Clock Making: Craft to Mass Production by Andy Dervan
  • The Railroads and Time by Dave Gorrell
  • Perils of Horology Appraising: a Timely, Humorous Approach by John Grow
  • Treasures of the American Clock & Watch Museum by Tom Manning
  • Andrew Meneeley: Tower Clock Maker of West Troy, New York by Russ Oechsle









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