NAWCC Bulletin No. 359: December 2005

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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675 – Understanding Walter H. Durfee by Owen Burt and Tom Spittler
680 – Time Warner Center Lights Up Columbus Circle, NYC, with Unforgettable Timetelling Artistry by Jim Bland
681 – Nathan Hale: A Querist’s Look at Vermont’s Quondam Clockmaker by Donn Haven Lathrop
686 – An Explanation of Swiss Hallmarks on Gold Watchcases by Luis S. Flocco
706 – The Tuning Fork Era in Horology by Rubens A. Sigelmann
726 – The Waller County Courthouse Tower Clock by Jim West
733 – Berthoud, Harrison, and Lalande: A Near Myth by Richard Watkins
769 – Some Thoughts on Time: Humanity’s Quest for Order and Measure by Mel Kaye
700 – Wristwatches—“Art Deco” by Bruce Shawkey
704 – The 2005 National Crafts Corner
730 – The Answer Box edited by Doug Cowan
744 – In Memoriam—Kathleen H. Pritchard
745 – Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
748 – The National Watch & Clock Museum by Sharon Gordon
748 – Obituaries
749 – Book Reviews by Doug Cowan, Brian Loomes, and Tom Spittler
752 – From the Workshop—by Doug Sinclair
757 – Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
771 – In Memoriam—Noel A. Ripley
772 – News from New Orleans
772 – In Memoriam—W. Howard Weiss
773 – Chapter Highlights
795 – In Memoriam—Robert S. Webber
796 – Chapter Officers
799 – Perspective—Putting the Spin on Time
800 – NAWCC Staff and Committees
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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