NAWCC Bulletin No. 376: October 2008

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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515 - So Just What Are Regionals & Conventions and Why Should I Attend? by Deena Mack
518 - The 2008 NAWCC National Convention by Hugh and Ruth Overton
520 - A Search for President Abraham Lincoln's Wm. Ellery Pocket Watch by Gary W. Arnal
525 - The Pendulum Rod - A Search for a Better Material by Pete Riegel
527 - Batteries for Old Battery-Electric Clocks by Mel Kaye
528 - Continued Analysis of Full-Size Waltham Willard Banjo Clocks
by Andrew H. Dervan
533 - Unique Clock Display at the NAWCC Museum
by Rick and Vince Stanley
537 - Hamilton Watch Company Myths & Legends by Howard Lasser
540 - Handmade Watch Hands by Donald W. Corson
542 - Ukrainian Skeleton Watches - Graphic Design Reveals a Fake
by Dave Bricker
544 - A Waltham Watch Co. Foghorn Timing Device by James Peghiny
547 - Seconds Thoughts on German Viennas by Douglas K. Stevenson
553 - Work, Gender, and the Twentieth-Century Workplace in Bristol's Clock and Watch Industry by Phil Samponaro
569 - Practical Watch Collecting - A Manual for the Beginner Part 2
by Richard Watkins

552 - The National Watch & Clock Museum - A Very Common Question
at the Library: "Where Can I Get My Watch Repaired?" by Don Dahlberg
568 - School of Horology - Jim Michaels, Director and Instructor
by Norene Lahr
577 - Obituaries
578 - The Answer Box
583 - Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
596 - Wristwatches -Jaeger-LeCoultre: A Guide for the Collector
by Bruce Shawkey
599 - Horologica
601 - The First One by George Bohman
602 - Vox Temporis - Letters to the Editor
605 - State of the Association
615 - Chapter Highlights
639 - In Memoriam - Leonard C. Corwin
640 - NAWCC Staff and Committees
Cover 3 - Dates To Remember




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