The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc., is a nonprofit association of 16,000 members with a guiding core purpose “to encourage and stimulate interest in the art and science of horology [timekeeping] for the benefit of the public and its members.” One means of encouraging the dissemination of horological knowledge has been through the publication of books written by NAWCC members or other researchers with ties to the NAWCC. The NAWCC book publishing program has evolved over time.

Bulletin Supplements
The first program, active from 1953 until 1994, provided free book-length publications to every NAWCC member. Twenty-five of these books were published and they were called Bulletin Supplements because they were usually mailed to members with their Bulletin periodical.

From 1985 to 1997, five "Special Publications" were created in cooperation with other organizations and/or publishers. These books were created in limited quantities and were available to members and the public.

A later publication model, still sometimes used, is the "Special Order Publication" program. Books are created using digital, rather than offset press, technology and they are pre-ordered by the membership.




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