Field Suitcase Workshop Program

The field suitcase workshop program currently offers clock repair, lathe, and pocket watch courses throughout the country.
To view a list of available courses with course descriptions click here.
To view FSW courses currently scheduled, please visit the current schedule.

Contact the NAWCC Field Suitcase Workshop Administrator for questions, more information, or to organize one of these courses in your area.
Katie Knaub This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 717-684-8261 ext.237


How are the classes organized?

The local NAWCC chapters generally organize Field Suitcase Workshop classes, but anyone willing to organize a class can become a Class Coordinator. The Coordinator enrolls the students, collects the tuition, locates an appropriate classroom, pays the classroom rental, and schedules the class with the Field Suitcase Workshop Administrator.There is a class size requirement of seven to nine students for each class. with some exceptions:

•  F105 requires eight to twelve students.
• The F301 Pocket Watch Repair Course has a minimum of seven and a maximum of eight students.

The Coordinator Incentive Program allows Class Coordinators to receive free tuition. A Coordinator who enrolls the maximum students a course is allowed less one, gets in the classs free of charge provided they have met the course prerequisites.

Click here to view the Responsibilities of a Coordinator.

The Administrator confirms the date, assigns an instructor and sends each student the course requirements.  The Administrator also emails each student a course outline, the required student tool list, a list of vendors where tools can be purchased, information on the movement needed in class, and a reading reference list.

The instructor travels to the class site and conducts the course. The NAWCC trains and certifies every instructor, and each has years of repair experience. Instructors travel with a NAWCC tool kit containing larger tools such as an ultrasonic cleaner, a lathe, a bushing tool, a spring winder, and a depthing tool.

View our current instructors here.

Students are responsible for their own tuition, personal tools, and clock movement if required.

Click here to view current course fees as well as scholarships available.

Click here for tool requirements for each class.



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