NAWCC Bulletin No. 132: February 1968

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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129 – William Fritz—Clocks to Fish! by Charles S. Parson
138 – An Addendum to the “Barns, Bartholomew & Co. Story” by F. H. McMillan
140 – “Mr. Graff’s Clock” by Robert A. Moore
156 – “Rolling Ball Clock” by John E. Tyler
162 – The Clepsydra by Louis Burrows
143 – “The Boston Watch Company” submitted by Fraser R. Forgie
115 – Adventures in Wondering or How DID the Japanese Clock Get Its Dial? by E. H. Parkhurst Jr.
124 – Horology Escalated by James W. Gibbs
145 – Book Review
152 – A Tower-Clock “Rediscovered” by Marion B. McKenzie
153 – The Heisely Family by Charles E. Smart
158 – Convention Promotion
163 – Helpful Hints on Cutting Clock Glasses and Fitting Watch Crystals
by Jim C. Lynch
164 – Excerpt from “Etched in Memory” submitted by Richard Baldwin
166 – What Is a Regulator? by F. Eldon Heighway
167 – Library Committee Page
169 – Franklin Institute Library by Emerson W. Hilker
173 – Vox Temporis
177 – The Answer Box
180 – Perhaps It’s Pinchbeck! by Walter Rick
181 – New Members
190 – Clockmaker’s Notebook
202 – Chapter Activities
148 – Drills, Taps, and Dies by H. J. Hicks and D. H. Kelley

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