NAWCC Bulletin No. 307: April 1997

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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147 – Modern Masterpieces of Horology by Henry B. Fried
157 – The Transatlantic Cable and the Early Pioneers of the Electromagnetic Clock—Canada’s Great Victorian Adventure by Dr. Iain G. M. Cleator
164 – A Short Account of the Equation of Time, and Directions for Adjusting Pendulum Clocks by Charles K. Aked
167 – What Time Is It? by Wilbur Pritchard
178 – Replacing Jewel Pins in American Brocot Visible Escapement Clocks by David S. Goodman
181 – Pendulum Bob Configuration and Thermal Compensation by Dr. George Feinstein
187 – Isochronism by Jim Michaels
189 – Stanislaus Fournier, New Orleans Clock and Watch Maker by J. M. Kinabrew Jr.
193 – Clocks Whirling in the Sky by Mel Kaye
199 – More on Illinois Wristwatches by Nahum H. Lewis
201 – Some Observations in the Restoration of the Japanned White Dial by Astrid C. Donnellan
206 – The NAWCC Museum
207 – Library News
208 – In Memoriam—Jean Moreau
209 – Research Activities and News
220 – Call to Meeting
221 – Executive Director’s Digest
221 – In Memoriam—Warren Parsley
222 – Willard House and Clock Museum
224 – NAWCC Program Listing
227 – Design Contest for Monumental Timepiece
228 – Necrology
229 – Railroaders’ Corner
232 – Book Reviews
234 – The Answer Box
239 – Timely Voices
246 – Chapter Highlights
270 – Chapter Officers
272 – National Officers and Staff
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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