2010 BOD Backup Material

Documents for January 2011 Board Meeting

Final Draft of the Bylaws 12-3-2010

Standing Rules October 2010

Documents for December 2010 Board Meeting

iMIS Event Registration

65th NAWCC National Convention

2011 Convention Update

2012 National Event Schedule Revised

2013 Dayton Information

101126 Convention Committee Reports

2011 WFTS Budget

Bylaws Draft 11-23-2010

Introductory Members

Student Members

Youth Members

 2010 Ward Francillon Time Symposium Report

Documents for October 2010 Board Meeting

Strategic Plan for the NAWCC 2010-2013 Posted

Strategic Plan for the NAWCC 2010-2013 for Approval

Revised  Article VII Reporting, Administrative Coordination, and Communications

Documents for June 2010 Board Meeting

Backup Material List


Treasurer Report

B and P Committee Report on Committee Chairs

Bylaw change List

Bylaw Revisions

Symposium Committee Report

Chapter Charter Statistics

NEC Annual Report

Convention Committee Report

Regional and National Questionnaire Combined

Education Committee Report

Ethics Committee Annual Report

Library Committee Annual Report

Membership Growth

Program Committee Report

Research Committee Report

Strategic Plan

Prioritiztion Tables

Documents for May 2010 Board Meeting

eMeeting Procedure revised

Collections Management Policy


Silver Dollar Regional Public Day Request

Arkansas Razorback Regional Public Day Request

Documents for April 2010 Board Meeting

eMeeting Procedure


Heritage Fund

Electronic Meeting Procedures

Mid-West Public Day

2010 Symposium Proposal

2011 Public Day Proposal

Strategic Plan

Documents for March 2010 Board Meeting

2011 National Convention to be held at Overland Park Convention Center Kansas City, Kansas

School Financial Plan Summary

Documents for February 2010 Board Meeting

Proposed Monthly Update Form

Motions and Directives

Documents for January 2010 Board Meeting

Proposed Convention Guidance

Convention Guidance Amended

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