NAWCC Bulletin No. 353: December 2004

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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739 – Time Locks: Their History from Beginning to End by David Christianson
763 – Weckermädchen: Liesel Zehntner and the Junghans Alarm Clock Girls by Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki
766 – The Price of Clocks by A. Lee Smith
777 – The Old Town Clock: A Jackson County Landmark by Robert (Lucky) Mason
795 – A Curious Adaptation by David G. Willard
797 – A Spring-Driven N. 2? What Did Seth Have in Mind? by Pete Riegel
805 – Clocks with a “Spare Tire”: The Evolution of the Self-Starting Clock
807 – An Unusual Bulle Battery Clock by Mel Kaye
809 – Surmises Regarding the Performance of Woerd’s Sawtooth Balance by Mike Harrold
813 – A Response to the Preceding Comments Regarding the Performance of Woerd’s Sawtooth Balance by Tom De Fazio
815 – An Unusual A.W.Co. Sawtooth Balance Watch by Tim Flower and Tom De Fazio
771 – The 2004 National Crafts Contest
775 – Book Reviews by Bill Keller and James Sadilek
782 – Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
794 – In Memoriam—Ward H. Francillon (1928-2004) by Bill Keller
801 – Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
808 – Obituaries
816 – Wristwatches—“Watch Design in the 1950s” by Bruce Shawkey
820 – From the Workshop—“Erratic Watches” and “The Hamilton 927” by Doug Sinclair
825 – The Answer Box edited by Doug Cowan
829 – The National Watch and Clock Museum®—by Sharon Gordon and Nancy Dyer with Ken De Lucca
831 – Chapter Highlights
861 – Chapter Officers
864 – NAWCC Staff and Committees
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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