NAWCC Bulletin No. 392: June 2011

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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264 - Thomas Crow of Wilmington, Delaware by Edward F. La Fond Jr.
267 - The BHI and American Watchmaking, 1858-1862: Three Unfortunate Mistakes by Richard Watkins
278 - The Hopkins Clockmakers of Litchfield and Harwinton, CT — Part 1A: Asa Hopkins, Litchfield by Bryan Vernimb and Snowden Taylor
302 - More Early Images of Watches by Jonathan Weber
306 - Daniel J. Steele’s Legacy by Andrew Dervan
311 - Heffernan’s Patent Watch Case: A Serendipity by John H. Wilterding Jr.
312 - Peter Iles: Defining the Term Master Watchmaker by Raymond Kelly
323 - Donating Your Horological Collection to the National Watch & Clock Museum—A Major Benefit to the Museum When Done Properly by Robert Gary
325 - In the Beginning by Arlyn J. Rath
327 - Watch Repair in America: Part Seven—A Historical Look at Watch Repair Pricing by David A. Christianson
336 - “Blowing Up” A Quarter Repeater - The Maker Revealed? by Philip W. Kuchel

259 - Donor Recognition - April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011
263 - John Harrison Endowment Society
263 - The 1943 Heritage Society
276 - Obituaries
277 - In Memoriam—Robert S. Edwards
277 - In Memoriam—Ed Foxworthly
322 - The National Watch & Clock Museum—“ClockWorks” by Noel Poirier
330 - Technical Tidbits—”Gapping Pallets” by Steve Nelson
339 - The First One by John Jameson and Donald Bellairs
342 - Wristwatches—”IWC: The Anti-Bling Watch” by Bruce Shawkey
347 - Horologica
349 - Answer Box
352 - Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
353 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor and contributors
364 - In Memoriam—Julia Richeson
365 - Chapter Officers
368 - NAWCC Staff

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