Executive Director Announcement

Tom Wilcox has resigned from his position as Executive Director of the NAWCC effective October 1, 2019. The entire Board of Directors is incredibly grateful to Tom for the energy, vision, and dedication that he devoted during the past two years, and we wish him the absolute best in all his future plans and endeavors.
On the bright side, your Board of Directors has been involved in intensive strategic planning for all aspects of the management of this organization for months and has engaged with our Executive Director, leadership team at HQ, and committee members to develop a strong strategic vision for our future.
In this vision Board has taken into consideration:

  • Financial stewardship
  • Membership
  • Publications
  • Museum and Library collections management & marketing
  • Development
  • Education
  • Web presence/Social media
  • Chapter involvement
  • Regional and National meetings
In short, the work we have done building this vision of the future has given us a strong foundation and we have a good model for moving forward and managing the organization until a replacement candidate is hired. Members will receive updates in the Board Chair's column in the Bulletin or via our website as developments take place.
Lastly, the Board of Directors wants to take this opportunity to thank our leadership team at HQ for their continued expertise and dedication to serve our members, and stepping up to additional responsibilities during this time of change.
Rich Newman
Chairman, NAWCC
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