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FOR ALL TIME is a comprehensive fundraising initiative and our opportunity to shape the next era of the NAWCC for the benefit of our members, our community, and our society. This historic campaign is an investment in our future. Endowment funds are maintained in perpetuity with the investment income providing designated ongoing support. Your gift is important. Please give today.

Donating a Clock to NAWCC National Auction

In 2010 my wife Linda learned that our friends, Cathy and Gerry Koolen from Ontario, CAN, would be running the 2010 National Auction in York, PA.

Linda told me that I had to select a clock from my collection and place it in the auction in support of Cathy and Gerry’s efforts.

I protested that I did not like to sell clocks, and she reminded me that I had a significant collection and could afford to part with one or two clocks!

She was right so I relented and selected a Seth Thomas spring driven column and cornice clock for the auction.

In 2011 she convinced me to donate several more clocks for the Kansas City National.

It has now become a yearly tradition to donate a few clocks to the National Auction with proceeds going to the NAWCC. During the past two years we have requested that the auction proceeds be directed to the For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign.

Our wives are generally very patient with our various collecting hobbies and we need to compromise occasionally and follow their suggestion—even parting with a clock a two. I urge members to consider selecting a clock or two from their collection and placing it in the annual NAWCC National Auction. By doing so, members can boost the overall quality of the auction and provide a donation to the NAWCC.

—Andrew Dervan (MI)

Andrew and Linda Dervan have been NAWCC members since 1997 and 1999, respectively. In 2016 Andrew Dervan won the James W. Gibb Literary Award.

Why not add your voices to our chorus by helping our association to thrive and prosper— both this year, and in all the years to come?


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