The Railroaders' Corner
A forum for the discussion of railroad pocket watches.

This popular Bulletin feature appeared in almost every Bulletin beginning in August of 1996 through October of 2005 and returned for four issues in 2008. Almost every column was co-authored by Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer.
Below is a listing of all column titles. Click on the year to access an index by issue and .pdf files of each column.

Click here for a searchable master title listing.

Wind Indicators, Part 2: Waltham (NAWCC Bulletin No. 372, February)
Wind Indicators, Part 3: Ball & Rockford (NAWCC Bulletin No. 373, April)
A 16-Size Bunn Special “Pinwheel” – The Unknown Pattern (NAWCC Bulletin No. 374, June)
17-Jewel, 16-Size Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 375, August)
No columns were published in 2006 or 2007.

Elgin’s Veritas Model, Part 1: The First Three Grades (NAWCC Bulletin No. 355, April)
Elgin’s Veritas Model, Part 2: The Rest of the Standard Grades (NAWCC Bulletin No. 356, June)
Wind Indicators, Part 1: Elgin (NAWCC Bulletin No. 357, August)
Dueber-Hampden’s Special Railway (NAWCC Bulletin No. 358, October)

The Watch That Gets Forgotten: Elgin's Father Time (NAWCC Bulletin No. 348, February)
Dueber-Hampden and Its 16-Size Standard Watches Part 1: Models 1 & 2 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 349, April)
Dueber-Hampden and Its 16-Size Standard Watches Part 2: Models 4 & 5 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 350, June)
Those Other Bunns (NAWCC Bulletin No. 351, August)
E. Howard & Co. “Railroad” Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 352, October)

High Grade Columbus Watches Part 1- The Columbus Watch Company (NAWCC Bulletin No. 342, February)
High Grade Columbus Watches Part 2- The New Columbus Watch Company (NAWCC Bulletin No. 343, April)
High Grade Columbus Watches Part 3- Columbus 500,000 Series (NAWCC Bulletin No. 344, June)
The 1880s Magnetism Scare Part 1: The Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 345, August)
The 1880s Magnetism Scare Part 2: The Cases (NAWCC Bulletin No. 346, October)
Hamilton’s Hayden W. Wheeler Bridge Model Contract Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 347, December)

The Elgin 16-Size B.W. Raymond, Part 1: 17 & 19-Jewel Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 336, February)
The Elgin 16-Size B.W. Raymond, Part 2: The 21 and 23-Jewel Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 337, April)
The Ball Watch Story- Part 1: Railroad Standard Watches- The Early Years (NAWCC Bulletin No. 338, June)
The Ball Watch Story- Part 2: Watches of the Twentieth Century (NAWCC Bulletin No. 339, August)
The Ball Watch Story- Part 3: The Private Label and Brotherhood Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 340, October)
The Ball Watch Story Part 4- Ball Signed Cases (NAWCC Bulletin No. 341, December)

South Bend’s Standard Watches, Part II (NAWCC Bulletin No. 330, February)
Tu-Tone Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 331, April)
Hamilton’s Ubiquitous 992- Part 1 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 332, June)
Hamilton’s 992 Part 2: The Extras and the Specials (NAWCC Bulletin No. 333, August)
Railroad Time Service (NAWCC Bulletin No. 334, October)
So What is a Railroad Watch? (NAWCC Bulletin No. 335, December)

Railroaders’ Stories (NAWCC Bulletin No. 324, February)
Waltham’s 19-Jewel Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 325, April)
Over There, The 992 in the Great War (NAWCC Bulletin No. 326, June)
It Costs Nothing! The Mail-Order Watch Business, Part 1: Late 1880s-1908 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 327, August)
Do You Want Your Watches Delivered This Way? The Mail-Order Watch Business Part 2: 1908-1960 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 328, October)
South Bend’s Standard Watches, Part I (NAWCC Bulletin No. 329, December)

Brandt/Omega Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 318, February)
Keystone-Howard and Their Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 319, April)
More on Swiss Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 320, June)
Dials (NAWCC Bulletin No. 321, August)
Hamilton’s Workhorse: The 940 (and its cousin, the 942) (NAWCC Bulletin No. 322, October)
President (NAWCC Bulletin No. 323, December)

Some Older Swiss Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 312, February)
Dueber-Hampden 17-Jewel Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 313, April)
Some Newer Swiss Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 314, June)
Markings on Rockford’s 16-Size Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 315, August)
Longines Standard Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 316, October)
Standard Watches of the Seth Thomas Clock Company (NAWCC Bulletin No. 317, December)

Elgin’s Grade 270 (NAWCC Bulletin No. 306, February)
Early Hamilton Cases (NAWCC Bulletin No. 307, April)
Marking of Rockford’s 18-size Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 308, June)
Hamilton 950 Series (NAWCC Bulletin No. 309, August)
Buren & Its Mexican Railroad Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 310, October)
Standard Watches During World War II (NAWCC Bulletin No. 311, December)

From the Land of Lincoln (NAWCC Bulletin No. 303, August)
Pair of Swiss Ball Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 304, October)
Waltham’s Six Position Watches (NAWCC Bulletin No. 305, December)













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