2015 Election Results


The NAWCC election resulted in 2,527 ballots returned out of 14,415 for a high of 17.53%. This is the highest return we have had in over a decade. The 2013 election had 15.00% of the ballots returned, 2011 - 8.52% and 2009 - 9.62%. Of the ballots returned, 32.13% were returned by mail and 67.87% were returned online. Pennsylvania voters returned 22.45%, Texas 21.78% and Missouri 21.58%. Our Canadian members returned 25.17% of their ballots which was the high for countries with ten or more members.

The results of the election for the three board seats are Tom Bartels (1,071), David Lee (1,015) and Phil Gregory (979) were elected. Other vote counts are Jay Holloway (821), Gary Landis (798), Robert Gary (786), Bob Pritzker (771) and Randy Jaye (503).

The result for the position on Nominating and Elections Committee is Lee Davis was elected with 1,284 votes. Ralph Pokluda's vote count was 1,041.

All of the four bylaw amendments passed by overwhelming vote totals. Bylaw Change 1 (2,315 yes, 83 no); Change 2 (2,278 yes, 110 no); Change 3 (2,279 yes, 109 no) and Change 4 (2,128 yes, 237 no).


Race Candidate Votes  
Directors (3) Thomas J. Bartels 1,071  
  David Lee 1,015  
  Philip C. Gregory 979  
  Jay (James) Holloway 821  
  Gary Landis 798  
  Robert Gary 786  
  Bob Pritzker 771  
  Randy Jaye 503  
Nominating and Elections Committee (1) Lee Davis 1,284  
  Ralph Pokluda 1,041  
Bylaw Change 1:  ARTICLE I, Section 5 Yes, I approve. 2,315  
  No, I do not approve. 83  
Bylaw Change 2:  ARTICLE I, Section 6 Yes, I approve. 2,278  
  No, I do not approve. 110  
Bylaw Change 3:  ARTICLE IV, Section 5 Yes, I approve. 2,279  
  No, I do not approve. 109  
Bylaw Change 4:  ARTICLE XII Yes, I approve. 2,128  
  No, I do not approve. 237  
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