pit smPreservation of timepieces is important to you. When you want information, where do you turn?  Do you go to the NAWCC online archives for Watch & Clock Bulletins?  (It's a wealth of information, published consistently since 1943!) The NAWCC counts on your support to keep marching on—to foster and educate members on preservation and collecting. Contributions enhance what the NAWCC can offer you. Your gift is important, whatever the amount.  Please give today.
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Clocks are Marvelous!

Clocks are marvelous! When they work, and when they don’t. Sure, the Law of the Pendulum is clear. How all those gears work together to make the Minutes hand take one revolution per hour is easy to understand, when you study them in detail. And clocks have remained unchanged in their basic form for centuries. So, why are they marvelous?

I taught clock repair for almost 20 years. Observing a student’s face the moment he “got it” and grasped the fundamentals was proof enough, clocks are marvelous.

But many valuable old clocks are tossed in the trash each day because their owners just don’t understand how marvelous they are. So I contribute to the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, hoping it can continue to spread the word: Marvelous!

—Ward Miller (NY)

Ward Miller has been an NAWCC member since 1980, and has faithfully served Mid-Hudson Chapter 84 for many years as President, Secretary, and— most recently— as Meetings Reporter.



The following testimonial is from a 35 year member. He has faithfully donated to the Annual Fund for over 17 years, substantially increasing his donation the past few years.

Over the years I have donated to several organizations that have special meaning to me. One of these organizations is the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. It is my view the effort NAWCC goes to preserving horology is a worthwhile endeavor. Believing even the smallest donations can have impact when pooled with other donations, and being a member for a few decades, donations began when funds became available and increased as budgets allowed. Lastly donations were tax deductible making giving a little easier.




Why not add your voices to our chorus by helping our association to thrive and prosper— both this year, and in all the years to come?


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